This page will provide you with information about what it would be like to do your third year nursing placement in the Emergency Department at QMC

What to expect on placement

You will be allocated a practice assessor and at least one practice supervisor for your placement, your assessor will complete all relevant paperwork and your supervisor will be who you will complete the majority of your shifts with. I ask that you are flexible to work the shift pattern offered to you to ensure you have the continuity for you and your assessor in order to enhance your learning experience and make the most of the opportunities made available to you. You must work alongside a permanent member of our Emergency Department (ED) staff whilst on placement in the department. This is to maximise your learning and to also ensure your safety. You must work alongside a permanent member of ED staff whilst on placement in the department. This is to maximise your learning and to also ensure your safety.

For further information please have a look at “A student nurses day in ED

What we expect of you

Whilst on placement you can expect to complete a wide range of competencies from your pebblepad due to the vastness of complex medical cases that present within ED. Alongside your competencies we expect of you by the end of placement:

  • To complete initial A-E assessments on acutely unwell patients
  • To plan care of patients including triage, medication administration and onward care decisions
  • To manage multiple patients from entry to the emergency department until discharge home/ admission
  • To show evidence of escalating care to an appropriate staff member
  • On escalation of care provide a solution and reasoning behind this
  • Complete nursing documentation accurately and in a timely manner
  • To show thorough and compassionate patient care throughout your placement
  • To adhere to all TEAM NUH values and behaviours including uniform policy
  • To apply and consolidate learning skills that you have acquired throughout your nursing degree


Learning Objectives

Whilst on placement within the Emergency Department you will draw on a range of experiences in which demonstrate the required knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to achieve high quality person/family-centred care in an increasingly confident manner, ensuring all care is underpinned by effective communication skills. These skills will follow on from your proficiencies required to complete placement. Within your first week you will have an opportunity to decide on these proficiency objectives. Whilst completing these learning objectives you will be expected to practice independently with minimal supervision. By the end of placement you will be able to lead and co-ordinate care with confidence.